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Q&A with Raymon Bickell, Consumer Cellular

Q&A with Raymon Bickell, Consumer Cellular

Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) 2018 Next Week! We can’t wait to see you there. Check out our latest in the 2018 Speaker Spotlight series.

Consumer cellular employee management planner Ramon Bickel shared how his company maintains a proactive approach to staffing in addition to best practices to create successful cross-functional employee meetings.

Front Row employees use fun exercises and games to add their benefits and how. C3 2018 will take place September 10–13 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

What are you looking forward to in C3 2018 and why

Raymon: I’m going to put on my cowboy boots and go to the dance floor! On an important note, I am always learning new ways to streamline call center processes to help balance the customer and employee experience when networking and building with people in my field. Balance between company needs

 What are you interested in?

Raymon: In the contact center, I am passionate about educating people about strategies, scheduling, construction and construction processes that will give a good return on investment for the company and build active and productive partnerships. Performing with my colleagues.

The goal is to bring in the knowledge of planning procurement and implementing effective business practices. I like to see different departments together and be a team.

Outside the contact center, I am fond of working in the community. I am the director of children in my church, where I oversee the K-5th department. I volunteer in two high schools in their drama department. I like to leave a legacy on shaping the minds and values ​​of future employees.

Q: Why do people join your session, pay! Why are consumer cells choosing a proactive approach to employee productivity? What will they learn?

In this presentation, we will discuss the planning process for the roles that WFM has in place, which it takes to create a successful staffing meeting, and how to use automation to its fullest potential. We can play games that help connect frontline employees.

Question: The format of this year’s meeting is based on connections. What song would you like to hear from C3 Customer Support?

Ramon: My favorite country singer is Reba, but my favorite swing dance song is John Michael Montgomery’s Garth Brooks ‘Colin’ Baton Rouge or ‘Sold’.

About Calabrio Customer Connect (C3)

Calabrio’s annual user conference Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) is two and a half days of in-depth learning and networking. Attendees will learn from industry experts. Share best practices and lessons learned with your friends. Talk to Calabrio executives and technical experts to get the most value from your Calabrio solution investment and provide suggestions for future products.

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